A Pro’s Stance on the Object 252U

WGLNA competitor Unknown0ne brings us another review, this time of the powerful Object 252U. Read the tips, then grab yours!

  • The Good
  • Reasons to Buy
  • The Bad
  • Reasons Not to Buy
  • The Ugly
The Good
  • Very good frontal turret armor and exceptional upper hull armor
  • Among the highest average damage of any tier VIII heavy tank
  • Decent mobility for a heavy tank
Reasons to Buy
  • Cool paintjob on the “Defender” variant
  • Great Soviet Crew trainer
The Bad
  • Poor accuracy, long aim times and mediocre DPM hampers damage output
  • Low view range
Reasons Not to Buy
  • You prefer not having to fight tier X (try the IS-6)
  • You aren’t a fan of pike armor (go for the T26E4 SuperPershing)
The Ugly
  • Several small weak spots pepper along the frontal armor

Play Style

Distance is both ally and enemy to the Object 252U. At close range, its accuracy is not a significant hindrance; however, the enemy can more easily hit those weak points in return. When brawling, the tank’s low DPM means most enemies of equal or higher tier can deal more damage in the same amount of time.

But, if you force the enemy to trade shot for shot, you can negate some of the DPM disadvantage, and potentially gain the upper hand. The best way to do this is to use cover while reloading. When doing so, it’s also important to keep some distance (50m to 100m), or to have enough teammates nearby to dissuade the enemy from simply flanking your cover.


This is a pretty standard Soviet “medium-heavy” tank, akin to the IS-7 line. If you have a preferred loadout for tanks of that style, I would recommend sticking to it. Personally, I would go for increasing the DPM, reducing dispersion, and increasing mobility.



A Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer, and Improved Ventilation are my go to’s, boosting DPM and gun accuracy for brawls. If you want to be a bit more well rounded, you could swap Improved Ventilation for Coated Optics.


Crew Skills & Perks

I would recommend “Repairs” to help prevent “perma-track” situations, “Brothers in Arms” to provide a general bolster, “Snap Shot” and “Smooth Ride” to improve accuracy, and “Clutch Braking” to keep the gun on target and the frontal armor pointed at the enemy. Per usual, “Sixth Sense” is nice to have as well.


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