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New Section: Payments

A new section was added to World of Tanks website, which will probably become a good advisor for all our players, who are concerned about financial aspects of World of Tanks. Most important information will be given in the Payments section, explaining different financial features and procedures that are carried out within the game.

A good start for newcomers is to read the article devoted to in-game gold, which describes the idea of Gold and enumerates its advantages.

"Tenacity and good combat skills will allow you to upgrade vehicles of any type and level, without spending a dime. However, small financial investment - microtransactions - can give you an excellent opportunity to make your playing not only fun but also more comfortable. When you pay real money you get special in-game currency - Gold, which simplifies powerleveling of your vehicles."

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Another useful article of the section is devoted to bonus codes, which can be received along with various gifts and souvenirs given away at an exhibition or a special event by How to use your bonus code article provides the procedure of bonus code activation, so if you are lucky to get one we recommend you to read this article.

"Bonus codes (or activation codes) add various bonuses to a player's account such as gold, credits, tanks, or premium days, depending on the type of the bonus code. Bonus codes can be found inside CDs, booklets, on promo gifts, and etc."

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Visit Payments section.

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