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The new "You Ask, We Reply" is announced



We have gathered some questions and asked our developers to answer them for you:

  • If my crew has all 3 skills trained up to 100%, will I be able to change them for free to the new skills after the 7.x update?

When the new skills come out, you will have the opportunity to appoint your crew’s experience to the new skills or keep your previous skills.

  • Will the Jagd. E100 be more maneuverable and dynamic than the JagdTiger?

This specific vehicle has not yet been tested for balance tuning. It is still too early to talk about it’s characteristics.

  • It’s been said that garage battles could last for about one hour. What happens to the player that has no more vehicles to use in their garage?

Seeing the principle of a garage battle, a player will not be able to use their tanks until the battle is over. At that point, all their tanks will be available to use again. In the meatime, he or she will need to wait till the end of the battle.

  • Will it be possible to hide the interface in both the garage and in game?

Most likely.

  • Will there be an addition of tropical maps seeing that French, American and the Type 59 tanks participated in warfare in tropical countries?

Yes they are currently in development and we will share some of the screenshots soon.

  • There was an announcement in May pertaining to the second branch of Russian Medium tanks.  There haven’t yet been any plans for this branch, but yet, we see those for the British and Japanese tanks.

We are still discussing some issues regarding the Russian Medium Tanks. For the moment we plan to update them sometime in 2012.

  • A new Russian premium tank, the IS-6 (Object 252) is planned to be added to the Russian line of tanks. How will the tech tree be affected by this addition?

The tech tree itself will not be affected as Premium tanks are not included in the tech trees.

  • It was announced that at the end of Spring 2012, some tier 2-4 tanks will be added. Will some other  tanks also be implemented at the same time with the French tanks to avoid matchmaking issues with battles full of FT 17s?

No other tier 2-4 tanks will be added at the same time.

  • There is currently a gap in game between Tier 2-5 Premium tanks and Tier 8 Premium Tanks. Are there any plans to add any Tier 6-7 Premium tanks?

Yes there are definitely plans geared towards adding middle tier premium tanks.

  • Will it be possible to have a sort of auction where players can sell their Tier 10 tanks for gold or credits to other paying customers?


 There are no plans to add any kind of auctions in game.

  • Would it be possible to implement a clan history for players? This way we can see which clans they were a part of in the past, and how long they stayed.

For the moment this is not planned, but we will take it into consideration.

  • Will any Premium SPGs be implemented? Which one will be implemented first?

Yes we are planning on making Premium SPgs. Most likely the first one will be the 10.5 cm LeFH18 B2.

  • The 7.0 update includes the new multicluster technology that is critical for the RU servers. Will there be any additional clusters for Oceania or North America?

Most likely 7.0 will include clusters for the RU server. We are currently thinking about adding clusters for Australia, Asia and Oceania.

  • Are horns still being implemented for 7.0? Will a tank be visible after sing it’s horn?

In the 7.0 update, tanks will not be turned visible after using their horn.  We are for the moment adding only one horn and will await for feedback from the players.

  • Won’t the in game report player function be abused often by players?

We have considered such possibilities and have implemented a protection against the abuse of this function.

  • Once I enter a clan, will the clam emblem  be automatically added to my tanks?

Yes it will.

  • We would like to know more about the future Tier 10 medium tanks and tank destroyers. Any information about them?

For the moment we cannot comment on these tanks – please wait for an official announcement in the news!

  • How has the new matchmaking system affected the statistics? Are you satisfied with the way it is now or do you plan to make more changes? Also, are there any other changes planned, such as the limiting of SPS in one battle?

We are still collecting feedback and analyzing the statistics of the matchmaking system. We currently have 11 changes planned. The SPGs will not be limited, however, we will take the necessary actions to spread out the amount of SPGS available over several battles.

  • How will the camouflage system work? Will there be a difference between credit and premium camouflage?

Camouflage is only a change in the color of the vehicle.  The camouflage will have the same effect on the tanks as the previous customs skins did, the only difference being that everyone will be able to see your camouflage. Camouflage bought with credits will be temporary (24 hours to 30 days) whereas camouflage bought with gold will be permanent. Adaptive camouflage that gives a small camo bonus will not be included until after  the 7.0 update.

  • Are the players concerns around critical hits that deal no damage being looked into? Will it be physically obvious when a module breaks?

We are currently working on these issues. For your information, about 95% of no damage critical hits usually affect the suspension or the gun.

  • What will the new skills for the crew be? There has been some rumors but we would appreciate an official source.

There will be 23 new skills added that will be divided between 2 types. Additional Specialization which will give a certain bonus right from the start, and increase slightly as experience increases, and then skills that will only work once the crew has reached 100% training.

  • Collision models of many tanks will be changed in 7.0. How will this influence American vehicles?

All the vehicles will be influenced similarly.The older and more simplified models will be improved with more detail. The list of vehicles getting this improvement will be released soon before the first open test.

  • Sometime in September the turn velocity of the PZ IV was decreased. Officially, is this a bug or a nerf? You can see this bug in this video:

This is a bug and it will be fixed in the 7.0 update.

  • The current tier level for company battles is 90. Have you considered to make it similar to the "absolute" tournament divisions and change it to 150 points?

The top tier limit for the tank company battles will be 150 points, so we have already taken this suggestion into consideration.