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The New World of Tanks Tankopedia

We'll make it short: We have a brand-spanking-new Tankopedia on the World of Tanks website! It introduces some new features to make your tank searches a breeze, including advanced filtering options and the ability to compare vehicle characteristics! 


On the main page, you'll see the Tankopedia has been reorganized to help you find the information you need on all the vehicles in the game. You'll find them organized by nation, type and tier, but you'll also be able to customize your filters to narrow the search down even further. 

Comparing Vehicles

For the first time on this website, you'll be able to compare vehicles' characteristics side-by-side using our comparison tool! Just click on the "+" icon to the left of a vehicle to add to your comparison list. You can choose any two or more vehicles, regardless of nation, type or tier, and compare their stats. 

Find All Your Vehicle Stats

Select one of the vehicles in a list and you'll open its own Tankopedia entry. Each page covers the details of the vehicle and where it sits on its tech tree, with an easy button to add it to your comparison list. Get everything you need to know about the tanks you have and the ones you're yearning for!

Vehicle Collections

Just for fun (and some education, of course), we've created some brief lists of World of Tanks vehicles, including the best scouts, the Chieftain's picks, and more! Check them out now!