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New Physics Public Test [UPDATE]

UPDATE!  Public Test will be restarted at 11.30 UTC (4.30 AM PDT) and will be up 30 minutes later approximately. Public Test will last till 30th of August 12.00 UTC (5.00 AM PDT)

Public Test server will be restarded every day at 5.00 UTC (10.00 PM PDT). Each restart will last for 30 minutes approximately


Ever dreamt of shoving an enemy off the Westfeld Bridge? Or pushing someone smaller than you into the Erlenberg River? Have you wondered how physics could change map strategies, combat tactics, and more?

We’re giving you the opportunity to run a preliminary test of vehicle motion under our new physics system. It will be the first test of its kind and you’re guaranteed to enjoy it a whole lot more than the physics tests you had in school. Please, note that it will be available only on the Public Test server

Take your favorite tanks then ramp, smash, fall, collide, and clash them in ways you never imagined. This is your chance to tell us what you think and give us your input on this game changing innovation.

This public test is focused specifically on the physics system; so many game features which you are accustomed to will be disabled:
- training battles
- 'purchase premium', 'purchase gold', 'exchange XP' and other battles in the top right part of the screen
- all points of main Hangar menu (Depot, Store, Tech Tree) etc.
- Tutorial
- Radial menu
- Saving password for login

This test will not contain any additional features expected for release in 8.0 and no new content will be available during this test, so players will not receive any additional gold or experience buffs. We want to specifically bring you attention to the fact that this is not a Public Test of update 8.0.

As a fair warning, mods during this test will cause the game to crash, so please refrain from using them. This test will include an unfinished version of our new graphics engine so you will want to make sure all your drivers are current.

All the feedback and suggestions received from our community are valued, however, in this instance please focus your assessment on the physics system we are inviting you to examine and experiment with. We are excited about this advancement for World of Tanks and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.

 Players will be able to download the test version as soon as the installation maintenance is over on Tuesday, August 21th at 10:00 AM PDT (15:00 UTC). Please note that only those players who registered prior to August 14th 2012 before 5:00 PM PDT (00:00pm UTC, the following day) are eligible to login to the test server.

In order to make your game experience more efficient we need to limit the number of players that are able to log in to the test server. As a result you could be placed on the waiting list when the server reachs 26.000 players logged in. Test will stopped approximately on the 27th of August.

To participate in the test you need to follow the steps below:

1.  Make a copy of your game client and save it in a SEPARATE and SAFE location from your 'normal' game directory.

2.  Download the Physics Public Test Client installer (8.5 Mb installer and ~2.4 Gb client itself)

3.  Install and run the new copy of the game. 

Only players who registered prior to August 14th 2012 can access the public test server.

Please note, the public test server has some special features:

  • Payments are not accepted on the public test server.
  • Progress will not be transferred to the main server.

Important:  We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the test server is subject to the same EULA and general rules of the World of Tanks game server. This means that the restrictions and punishments are the same as on the official game server of World of Tanks.