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Name Change Unlimited Is Over

World of Tanks provided a great opportunity to all its players to change their nicknames for free. From June 6th and till June 12th all of you could easily continue struggle in the battlefields under a new name. The procedure of nickname change was very simple, with only a couple rules to be observed. Adn now we present you the statistics of this tempting action.

How many users were attracted by Name Change Unlimited action? About 7,000 players took part in the action, who applied for the nickname change.

How many tickets were proceeded per day? The action took much time and required much effort applied, resulting in about 1,500 tickets proceeded per day.

What nicknames did players take? World of Tanks warriors picked up various names, some of them were extraordinary, some where extra-glorious. Besides that, there were very funny names among them, so now you can find yourself fighting shoulder to shoulder with ChilledMonkeyBrains, SasaugeAndPankakes, Frankenstien, Pinkie_Floyd, or The_Cheshire_Cat!

We congratulate all the "new-born" players on the new outfits gained, they used this unique chance fully as World of Tanks isn't going to launch such action in the nearest future.

Enjoy your playing and stay tuned for more World of Tanks!