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How will the is4 be changed with its move to tier 10 besides hp? At its current state it’s about on par with the e-75 and I don't think it’s really up to speed for tier 10 with just more hp.

According to statistics, it’s doing better than its tier 9 counterparts. We will specify the changes after 7.2 and tune them on the 7.3 Common Test.

Will there be a change to how Camo paint is implemented in the game? It would be much more prudent to have the ability to buy several paints for a tank and switch them when desired rather than permanently losing your current paint scheme when buying a new one.

This is a question being discussed at this time. We can say that the system won’t change in 7.2 for sure. If we decide to change the system, you will be informed.

Is KV-3 repair bill going to be higher or is it still the same when it moves to Tier 7?

Since it will go to Tier 7, it will receive all characteristics of Tier 7. Slight buff, price increase, income decrease and higher repair bills.

Would you ever consider adding double credits for your first victory of the day to go along with the double xp?

It was considered, but we have chosen not to implement this.

Is there any new information on World of Battleships?

We will not be discussing any of our sister games in YAWR discussions. Keep your eyes on for future developments.

It would be great if "Accelerate Crew Training" would give a more significant bonus, instead of a +10% bonus. 50% would be better, since you're taking all the experience away from the tank.

Let’s take a closer look at how the system works:

XP crew gets is equal to the amount of XP you receive including modifiers.
For example you receive 1000 XP. All your crew* receives +1000XP.
You receive 1000 XP x 2 for the first victory = +2000 XP to each crew member.
You receive 1000 XP and have 'improved crew training' enabled - each crew member receives 1000 XP besides the most unskilled one, which receive 2000 XP instead.
You receive 1000 XP x 2 and have 'improved crew training' enabled - each crew member receives 2000 XP besides the most unskilled one, which receive 4000 XP instead. So the 'improved crew training' grants x2 XP boost to the most unskilled tanker.
*wounded crew members do not receive any or receive less XP (depending on the battle situation)

Just a few questions regarding some confusing descriptions written in the preview of the new 7.2 crew skills:

1) Commander (Eagle Eye) says that it grants a higher maximum view range, does this allow a player to render enemy tanks beyond the 500m hard limit? Also it claims to be "more" effective if the vehicle's optics are damaged, is this supposed to mean it compensates for a vehicle's optics being knocked out, or that it actually provides an even larger bonus if optics are damaged? The latter seems counter-intuitive.

2)Driver (Cruise Master) says that it doesn't reduce dispersion from "rotation of vehicle" does this mean turret rotation or turning the actual tank?

3)Driver (Ramming Master) says that it doesn't apply to friendly vehicles (thank god) or immobile vehicles, does this mean that if a player with this skill rams a "parked" enemy he receives no bonus, or does it mean that if the player with this skill is "parked" and rammed by an enemy he doesn't receive the damage reduction? If either of these turn out to be true, this skill seems to reward opponents who sit still, and penalize the person with the skill for doing the same...

4)Loader (Hunch)*[u]this is a very big question[/u]* When reloading a shell of a different type, there is a chance the shell will be instantly loaded. Instant loading cannot occur more than once before a full reload cycle has completed. Can someone please clarify some specifics on how this works, there is currently a relatively large debate among players... Does it let you "sometimes" switch ammo from one type to another after you are already fully loaded without a delay? Or if you "queue" a different ammo type for your next load does it sometimes load instantly? If the latter is true it seems fairly game-breaking as far as perks go, as large-bore guns could theoretically "double-fire" AP followed by Gold/HE occasionally.

Additionally, this is the only "perk" that specifically states that effectiveness is "summed" meaning added together and [u]NOT[/u] averaged... does this mean that having two crew members trained with this perk is somehow more advantageous? Can you get "2" instant reloads instead of just 1, despite the description saying otherwise? Or does it mean that multiple (Hunch) perks provides a larger % chance to have the instant reload?

5)All Crew (perks) Many of the "Perk" abilities specifically say that they are only active once trained to 100% and that only the crew member with the highest training in a perk provides the bonus. If a perk only activates at 100% why is there a specific note that only the best-trained crew member applies the bonus? If there are 2 crew with the same perk active at 100%, don't they have the exact same bonus? This seems redundant and confusing. Or are you trying to say that "if 2 crew have the same perk active, and one is killed in battle, the other has a higher bonus and thus the perk remains active"?

I'm unsure if this is even the right place for these questions to be looked at by those with developer knowledge, but hopefully someone finds them interesting.

Thanks for your time and effort Q&A team!

1) No, it want grant you visibility besides that range, but will help you to find camouflaged enemies, if you already have a 500m visibility range. Yes, it’s supposed to compensate more or less damaged opticts.

2) It includes any type of rotation. For decreasing turret rotation dispersion you can learn ‘Steady Hands’ skill for the gunner.

3) In current version, it won’t work if your vehicle is immobile.

4) If you "queue" a different ammo type for your next load does it sometimes load instantly. Having two crew members trained with this perk is somehow more advantageous since you will have more chance for this perk to work. Also you cannot reload instantly two times in a row.

5) For example, if two loaders will have ‘Do-or-Die’ perk, the bonus will work for only one loader. It means that second loader will just waste XP on that perk without giving any bonus to the performance. The rule covers only crew members with specific similar perks. Though you are right, if we go back to the example with 2 loaders, when one is killed, second will give the ‘Do-or-Die’ perk bonus.

When can I have French SPGs?

French SPGs are currently planned for an update after version 7.3.

What’s up with the critical hits for no damage? I’m getting very angry when I shoot a tank at <50hp and it crits him for 0 dmg and I end up dying because of it.

We are currently reworking that system. We will announce more details when testing starts

Hello, I have a question, some of the "night time maps" will have street lamps but will we get to use the headlights or taillights at night? If so that would be AWESOME!

It won’t be THAT dark, though we will probably enable them.

Being the premium tank junkie that I am, I was wondering if you all have a schedule concerning the release of premium vehicles and/or if we could get a rough idea of when new ones are being released?

I don't need an exact date, just getting a rough idea of when they are coming.

Premium vehicles have the same and sometimes even lower priority in releasing in comparison with regular vehicles. So once we announce new vehicles, some of them might be Premium ones. You will generally see a few every couple releases.

Are some new skills are the skills going to be nation based?

No, at least not in the first pack of new skills and perks.

I heard that different types of tanks (e.g., light, medium, spg etc.) earn XP more by doing different things in battle. Is this true? I’ve been looking but can’t find it written anywhere and want to know what I should be doing with each different type and tier of tank to progress faster and easier through the game.

It’s relative. You are receiving more XP, when you are performing well in battle. For SPGs it is dealing large amounts of damage, for light tanks it’s mainly scouting. All tanks get the same XP for all tasks – they just get the bulk of their XP from doing different things.

What happens to IS-7 in 7.3?

It remains in place, but will receive some rebalancing if needed.

What changes will be made to the German tanks in 7.2?

There are primarily only balance changes for German tanks in version 7.2. We do not plan to introduce any new tanks to the German tech tree in this update.

Will wheeled armored vehicles ever be available? Maybe used as alternative scouts or support vehicles to deploy smoke screens and such?

No vehicles of such type are scheduled currently for implementation in the game, though we do plan to add Commander Vehicles for CW, if you are interest in new types of tanks. You can get an idea of how they will look in the following photo:

As a real life tanker, I have to be very careful when driving but in the game there are no driving related challenges yet. Do you guys plan on coming up with slippery or muddy terrain that can get you stuck or losing control over the tank, or tanks flipping over or falling from dangerous terrain, or tracks getting ripped apart by collision with objects, etc...?

When we implement new physics, some of the described situations will cause damage to the vehicle and its suspension. Though we will preserve some arcade elements, so the game play won’t turn into very difficult simulator that won’t appeal to some players.

Every time I've asked anyone if 'Accelerating Crew Experience' helps with skills on crew members (not just getting the primary to 100%, which it certainly does help) I've been told it does NOT help.

With the new crew skills being introduced, will Accelerating experience help with gaining those skills?  Currently it does not seem to help, yet in this Q&A session, you specifically state it should be used toward these means.

As far as I remember, accelerating experience just gives additional XP to a crew member. And it does not take into account whether you distribute it on crew member specialization or a skill. So it should work. We can look into this to give you a more firm answer next time.

Will the French tree be completed and can you add a couple of good tanks to the German section please.

Yes, the French Tank Tree will be completed with TD and SPG branches. Also, we will add second German TD line; we are not giving out information on when at this point.

All I want to know is if there would be any possibility for World of tanks to be a game on the console systems too.

There are no such plans for foreseeable future.

When, if at all, will we be getting any information on the anticipated British tank tree?

We probably won’t release any additional information this month, but we may start to trickle out some more previews in the following months.

Will the "British" tree include any lend-lease or commonwealth vehicles? (Such as in my Fan-made Commonwealth tree!)

It’s still under discussion, but most likely.

Are there any plans for any additional premium-exclusive features in the future?

There are no plans for the nearest future to add additional features.

Do you have any plans to lower (or raise) the price of gold or gold-based upgrades/tanks in the future? (Aside from regular sales)

We have no plans to make changes to the prices of gold and gold-based features within World of Tanks at this time.