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MVP: Kill'em All

What mainly shows players' skills during battles? What do we all deeply want to obtain? What gives us the right to name ourselves Top Gunners? Yes, this thing is tanks destroyed during battles (frags). Everybody who plays WoT wants as many of them as possible and what we want is to make your appetites even stronger! We are looking for a person, who earns the biggest quantity of frags till July 21st 23:59 UTC.

Important notes about the contest:

  • Every player can participate;
  • Players are to submit the results of their 3 battles with the biggest number of kills (frags);
  • To submit the result of the battle, players have to post screenshots of post-battle stats and of the battle results garage pop-up message. To take a screenshot press Ctrl+PrtScr. If your keyboard does not have such keys, you are advised to use any free software;- Players can participate in 3 different categories: Medium Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Self-Propelled Guns. Each category will be judged separately;
  • For the Medium Tanks category only Tier 6 tanks are allowed (T-34-85, VK 3601 (h), VK 3001 (h), VK 3001 (P), M4A3E8 Sherman);
  • For the Tank Destroyers category only Tier 5 vehicles are allowed (SU-85, Stug III, M10 Wolverine);
  • For the SPG category only Tier 4 vehicles are allowed (SU-5, Grille, M7 Priest);
  • All contest entries (battle results) can be resubmitted during the event;
  • The same player can win in more than one category.

Please, post your works in this forum topic.

Winners in each category will receive 3,000 Gold, second place will give you 2,500 Gold and the third prizer will enjoy 2,000 Gold.

Join the contest and stay tuned for more World of Tanks!