Why Buy the Mutant M6A2E1?

We’re getting ready for the one of the most exciting sales of the year on April 1, but why all the hype? Check out what Unknown0ne has to say about this uber-rare heavy tank!

  • The Good
  • Why Buy?
  • The Bad
  • Why not to Buy?
  • The Ugly
The Good
  • Heavily armored frontal hull and turret offer good protection
  • Great gun depression
  • Decent acceleration and view range for a heavy tank
  • Won’t face tier X tanks
Why Buy?
  • Never been sold since WoT’s release, and may never be sold again
  • Rare heavy tank that defies traditional armor configurations
  • You prefer avoiding tier Xs in your tier VIIIs
The Bad
  • Poor gun handling and a low rate of fire limit damage output
  • Large profile is hard to hide, which is particularly difficult with thin side armor
  • One of the slowest tier VIII heavy tanks
Why not to Buy?
  • You prefer speedier heavies (try the IS-6)
  • You’re looking for a more traditional American Heavy (get the T26E5)
The Ugly
  • The frontal armor has a number of hard-to-hide weak points, including the turret ring, cheeks and roof

Play Style

The M6A2E1 is most useful on the front line, where its armor can be best used negating enemy fire and pushing the enemy back. Its own gun is adequate for returning fire, but for best results, enlist the aid of your team for dispatching enemies.

Teammates can also be great help in flanking enemies, to which the M6A2E1 is extremely vulnerable given its lack of speed, maneuverability, and side armor.

In general, this tank (moreso than most super-heavies) can easily be picked apart by the enemy team when it’s not supported, but with team coordination, the M6A2E1 can be a formidable tank.


I recommend focusing on improving the gun handling and reload, as its low speed and weak side armor can’t be improved. You can also look to improve the tank’s view range, if you find the gun handling bad enough to warrant being the primary focus of improvement.


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A Vertical Stabilizer and Gun Rammer are basically the go-to equipment for most tanks, and I would recommend them here as well. For the third equipment slot, I’m using an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive to help further offset the poor dispersion on the gun, but “Improved Ventilation” is a good alternative for a general boost, or “Coated Optics” for a view range boost.


Crew Skills & Perks

I recommend “Snap Shot” and “Smooth Ride” to further improve the gun handling, “Repairs” for its general usefulness, and “Clutch Braking” to help keep the front armor pointed at the enemy. As per usual, “Sixth Sense” and “Brothers in Arms” are also nice to have.


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