Get a Tier VIII Premium Tank When You Gear Up!


Musterbrand and World of Tanks have teamed up to produce a range of high-quality, stylish apparel. Now they’re back with a 3-part offer that’s a real wildcat.

Buy 'The Front' Leather Jacket together with any other World of Tanks Collection accessory (Ushanka / Commander Belt / Loader / Ranking System) and get an exclusive in-game Bonus Code for World of Tanks and three Invite Codes for your friends!

Part I - The Jacket and Accessory Combo

The Front is a durable and functional jacket made from high-quality nappa leather. It is a modern take on the timeless design of tanker jackets that have been issued to tank crews from the dawn of armored warfare. While you may not see any combat in this jacket, it would certainly perform under battlefield conditions.

The accessories all share a common theme but are unique in their own way. The Loader is a snazzy utility bag offering both style and durability. The Ushanka is faux-fur tribute to the famous tanker-hats of yore. The Commander Belt subtly references World of Tanks while keeping you together and the Ranking System lets you customize epaulettes with 30 different combinations of nations and vehicle types - and can even fit on the Ushanka.

Part II - The Bonus Code

Part III - The Invite Codes

Invite three friends to join you in battle and each will receive the American T2 Light, a Garage slot, 500 and 7 Days of Premium!

So to summarize – you will look really cool, you’ll have a new shiny Panther mit 8,8, and you and your friends will be able to hang out in Himmelsdorf. Supplies of this offer are strictly limited, so act fast and secure both your new wardrobe and a Credit-earning Premium medium tank!