Multicluster Technology


It's a common knowledge that World of Tanks has three main servers: North American, European and Russian, with each of them using one game cluster. The multicluster technology would allow to add one or several clusters to each server. Using a unified account on a certain server, a player will have the opportunity to play on any cluster of the server.

The described option will be introduced with v.7.0 update; the additional clusters will be added later as required.

Use of several clusters per a server would enable the following opportunities:

  • The maximal possible number of active server players will be increased significantly (the players will be allocated on several clusters);
  • The players will have the opportunity to choose the cluster with optimal in-game comfort (for example, a cluster with better connection and minimal loading time);
  • Players will be able to switch to another cluster for the new challenge;
  • In case of maintenance works, it will be possible to go to an available game cluster.

But how shall it work?

Let's imagine that the North American server has only NA1 cluster, and NA2 cluster is added:

  • A user launches the NA game client and logs in;
  • At log in, the user selects the game cluster to join: NA1 or NA2;
  • In does not matter, on which game cluster a player has been playing on previously, and after entering the garage they will see the current achievements;
  • In the private and clan chat rooms players can talk to the tankers, playing on both NA1 and NA2 game clusters (at the beginning, it would be possible to communicate with same cluster players only);
  • The player's communication options (contact lists and ignore lists) will be available for using on both NA1 and NA2 game clusters;
  • Clans can play on both NA1 and NA2 clusters;
  • The player's Premium Account can be used equally on all server clusters (NA1 and NA2);
  • Players in queue lists will be different for NA1 and NA2 game clusters. That would be the main feature, easily recognized by the tankers playing on different game clusters. If the two tankers wish to play in a platoon, enter the training room or join a random battle, they should enter the same game cluster (NA1 or NA2);
  • The Clan Wars Global map will be integrated for both clusters. At the beginning, all Clan Wars battles will be held on one cluster only (for example, on NA1 game cluster). In future it would be possible to conduct one part of the battles on NA1 game cluster, and another one on NA2 cluster;
  • The game website, forum and other web services will be available for use equally by both NA1 and NA2 players;
  • The player's account statistics, battle results and records will be available for use equally on both NA1 and NA2 game cluster as well.

We remind you that you can read more about the upcoming updates and features in our General Release Plan for 2011-2012.