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More World of Tanks! UPDATE

We've been waiting for the new patch to come out for so long and at last World of Tanks readily announces the date of its release - patch v.0.6.4 is due to come out on May 17th! Get ready for the new batch of battles and features!

But before you go deep into plans for the future and dreams of new tanks, watch the update trailer by World of Tanks and feel the tank power!

The video features highly anticipated vehicles: Lowe and KV-5, top SPGs Object 261, Gw-E serie and T-92. What is more, new picturesque maps will appear in World of Tanks: the adorable Mountain Pass and the immense Steppes! Check out the video and start preparing for the patch!

UPD. May 16. Maintenance works will be held on May 17th due to the release of patch v.0.6.4. World of Tanks game server will be unavailable from 9:00 till 18:00 UTC. Please, follow the updates!