Moon Mayhem Game Mode Now Available!

This weekend only, roll out on the moon! Starting on April 1, you can try out the "Moon Mayhem" game mode featuring the first lunar spherical-shaped light tank called "IS 8-Ball" and a map located on the surface of the moon! Experience the chaos with low-gravity battles piloting deadly balls of steel!

All you've got to do is log into World of Tanks, find your credited IS 8-Ball under Soviet tier I light tanks and click the "Battle" button!

Your objective: destroy enemy IS 8-Balls in red camo by shooting or pushing them into the lava pits on the edge of the "Crater" map, a sort of lunar pool table. Fight in moon battles at high speed, with vehicles reaching up to 85km/h! And with the moon's low gravity, don't be too surprised when unexpected things happen in battle.

First-time winners will be rewarded with a special "Trickshot" medal, plus other rewards in our missions! 

More info on IS 8-Ball

  • Comes with a temporary Garage slot
  • One Crew member that cannot be altered in any way
  • Battle results do not affect player stats
  • No repair costs

Moon Missions

Mission Restrictions Reward(s)

Spherical Experience in a Vacuum

Win a "Moon Mayhem" battle.

  • Moon Mayhem mode only
  • Repeatable


Spherical Credits in a Vacuum

Destroy at least one (1) enemy IS-8Ball and win the battle.

  • Moon Mayhem mode only
  • Repeatable


Spherical Reserves in a Vacuum

Win a total of 10 "Moon Mayhem" battles.

  • Once per account

Personal Reserves:

2x 100% XP Booster (1 hr. duration, no expiration)

2x 300% Crew XP Booster (1 hr. duration, no expiration)

A Note on Personal Reserve Rewards
Personal Reserves of the same type don't stack, so there's no advantage to activating multiple boosts of the same type at the same time. If Personal Reserves of different percentages are activated at the same time, only the smaller percentage will take effect.

 Having trouble viewing these missions in-game? Check out our handy guide!

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