Month-Long Missions: February


This month, damage is the name of the game. In our new mission Keeping Score, you can get an added Credit bonus proportional to the damage points you deal out.

Check out the mission details below!

Event Begins: Saturday, February 1, 03:00 PST (06:00 EST)

Event Ends: Saturday, March 1, 03:00 PST (06:00 EST)

Mission/Objective Restrictions Reward

Keeping Score

Achieve the specified amount(s) of damage points in a battle to earn more Credits.

  • Random battles only
  • Once per day

10,000 damage: 25,000
25,000 damage: 75,000
50,000 damage: 150,000

You can earn a total of 250,000daily

Learning By Doing

Rank among the top three XP earners on either the winning or the losing team

  • Random battles only
  • Repeatable

Crew Experience

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