Monsters of Competition - x3 Crew XP Celebrating the WGLNA Finals

We're getting ready for the event of the season! This weekend, the two top-performing teams of the WGLNA are battling for the $75,000 grand prize in the WGLNA Season I Finals. To get you in the spirit of competition, we've got a handful of monstrous discounts and missions! Plus, an extra-special mission for damaging your enemies, available on Saturday only, rewards you with x3 Crew XP on your 7v7 battles!

Every weekend during October, you'll have the opportunity to try out some new tanks and earn Personal Reserve XP boosters. This weekend, unlock a rental of the Pz.Kpfw B2 740(f), and wreak havoc on your enemies for the chance to earn some very useful rewards. And get ready for our Monster Showdown starting on October 26, where you'll have the chance to use these XP boosts in our community-driven events based on maximum XP earned. So, head out onto the battlefield and hunt these rare monsters! 

Event Starts Friday, October 2, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends Monday, October 5, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

Specials/Discounts | Missions | Premium Bundles

Crew (Re)Training, Skill Resets

50% Off

Gold/Credits price

Reg. Vehicles
Tiers VI-VII

30% Off

Credits price



WGLNA Supporter

Deal 750 points of damage in a single battle.

Oct. 3 04:20 PT - Oct. 4 04:20 PT
  • 7v7 battles (Ladder and Unranked)
  • Repeatable

x3 Crew XP

WGLNA Monster Attack

Destroy two enemy vehicles in a single battle.

  • Random, 7v7 (Ladder and Unranked), Tank Company and Stronghold battles
  • Not available on daily first victories
  • Repeatable

 +30% Experience

WGLNA Monster Defense

Reduce the number of enemy capture points of a friendly base by 10 or more.

  • Random, 7v7 (Ladder and Unranked), Tank Company and Stronghold battles
  • Repeatable

1xAuto. Fire Extinguisher

Joining the Hound Tribe

Destroy 5 vehicles over any number of battles.

  • Random battles
  • Once per account

Pz.Kpfw B2 740(f)
2-day rental

Release the Hounds

Deal 2,000 points of damage over any number of battles.

1xExtra Combat Rations

Personal Reserve: 50% XP Booster (Duration: 1 hour; no expiration)

Hunting the Hounds

Destroy a BT-SV or PzKpfw B2 740(f) in battle.

  • Random battles
  • Repeatable

x2Crew XP

Premium Shop Bundles

WGL All-Stars IS-3 Trainer

  • Churchill III
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • Improved Ventilation Class 3
  • 1x Garage Slot
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • 1x Medium-Caliber Gun Rammer

WGL All-Stars T32 Trainer

  • T34
  • Garage Slot
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • 1x Large-Caliber Gun Rammer
  • 1x Improved Ventilation Class 3
  • 1x Vertical Stabilizer Mk. 2
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