Updates to Mod Hub

Last February we launched Mod Hub, the official portal where you can find all the newest and greatest modifications for World of Tanks. This is the only place to download the various mods that are officially approved by Wargaming, without worrying about policy violations.

Mod Hub is still the safest website to discover verified modifications that:

  • Don’t contain any major bugs
  • Have no critical impact on performance
  • Aren't forbidden and adhere to the Fair Play policy criteria

All the mods on this portal have been checked and successfully tested by our specialists under real conditions
and work correctly. This is what mainly distinguishes them from unofficial mods available for download on other web resources.

We’re sure that everyone will find a mod to their taste on our dedicated portal. Any number of these mods will offer new and positive impressions as you look at World of Tanks through a different lens.

Changes and Improvements Coming with Mod Hub 2.0

The new Mod Hub version 2.0 has become even more convenient and user-friendly for anyone who wants to discover and download official mods.

  • Based on your feedback and our stats, we restructured and redesigned Mod Hub with a new interface and improved navigation.
  • All mod makers can easily find the latest news and other helpful information on a dedicated web page.  
  • Plus, UX aspects have been reworked to ensure quick and more convenient browsing, check it out!


We will continue to work on the Mod Hub. Following your feedback, we’ll  improve it in various ways, while adding new original modpacks that meet our strict quality criteria. So share your mods with the community or choose a modpack to your taste, Commander! 

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