Mission: Out of the Frying Pan


It's easy to see where the inspiration for the naming of this Mission came from if we take a quick look back in time. In the last hours of July 14, 1942 the Allied forces launched an offensive to take advantage of the fact that German forces had become tied down in the  Tel el Eisa area, and would not be able to lend much support to the Italian Pavia and Brescia Divisions.  This action involving British, New Zealand, and Indian troops was codenamed Operation Bacon.

Event Starts: 23:30 PDT (02:30 EDT) July 11, 2013

Event Ends: 23:00 PDT (02:00 EDT) July 14, 2013

Mission: Out of the Frying Pan

Objective (Either)*

  • Destroy five UK tanks with a German tank over any number of battles
  • Destroy five German tanks with a UK tank over any number of battles

* This event is repeatable and can be completed any number of times during the days listed.


  • 10% Bonus XP for the match
  • 30% Bonus Credits for the match

Only German or UK Light, Medium, and Heavy tanks are counted as targets for this event. Destroyed Tank Destroyers or SPGs will not count toward completing the objective. Additionally, SPGs and TDs cannot be used to complete the objectives.

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