Minor Update Planned for World of Tanks Assistant


If you're a proud owner of the World of Tanks Assistant for iOS, expect a minor update in the coming days that will address some minor connection issues in relation to delivering information. Owners of the Android version of the World of Tanks Assistant will be unaffected and will not receive this patch.

What's the World of Tanks Assistant?

The World of Tanks Assistant is an application that allows you to access your personal statistics as well as browse news and many more from anywhere, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet with access to the internet.

The Android version of this application has received a new update.  This means that all Android lovers will be able to enjoy an even higher quality of service and access their information faster with less problems.

If you already have the World of Tanks assistant, the software will update itself automatically.  If you do not yet have this essential tank commander tool, you can download it via Google Play (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iPhones and iPads)

If you do now know what the World of Tanks Assistant is, then you must check it out. It is an application providing you with all kinds of useful information from the World of Tanks website and server straight to your mobile device.   With the World of Tanks Assistant you can:

  • Access detailed statistics of your account.
  • Get battle statistics for each vehicle as well as tank class. 
  • View your current game balance.
  • Compare your progress with other players. 
  • Share your triumphs with your friends via e-mail and social networks.
  • Follow all the latest news published on the World of Tanks website.

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