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Did you enjoy the easy “Mission Pawsible by MillionPugs” missions and great rewards? The active phase is now over, but you can still trade in your collected MillionPugs tokens until October 31 at 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 06:20 ET. Pick out some unique customization items and consumables before they disappear!

Of course, this isn’t the only way to earn awesome in-game items with MillionPugs. As soon as you sign up for the free MillionPugs program, you can start collecting pugs™ and credits.* Every time you buy something from one of the hundreds of partnered online retailers, you’ll receive these special currencies in your MillionPugs account.

Please note: MillionPugs credits differ from World of Tanks credits and cannot be used directly in the game.

Check out the World of Tanks reward catalog on the MillionPugs website and trade pugs™ and credits for in-game items, including gold, days of WoT Premium Account, 2D styles, Premium vehicles, and much more!

What is MillionPugs?


MillionPugs is a rewards platform for gamers that earns you in-game loot for your everyday out-of-game purchases. They've partnered with hundreds of popular brands to reward you for every online shopping spree. Simply sign up for free and use the MillionPugs website or browser extension to find supported shops. Any time you buy something from KFC,, Zalando Lounge, or any other listed online retailer, you will earn pugs™ and credits. You can even start earning extra pugs™ immediately by following five quick steps. Check out the MillionPugs website for more detailed information.

How It Works

  • Sign up for a free MillionPugs account
  • Log in to start earning
  • Receive reward points (pugs™ and credits) for every online purchase from a partnered shop
    • Completed transactions reward you with 100 credits per transaction, plus a certain number of pugs™ (depending on the amount of money spent)
  • Optional: Install the special MillionPugs extension (supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) to make it even easier to earn rewards

Once received, these rewards can be exchanged for various World of Tanks in-game content, which can be found in the catalog!

For complete information about the currencies and how they work, please see the MillionPugs Knowledge Base.


MillionPugs Reward Bundles

Many of our most popular bundles have just been restocked. Here are some of the great rewards that can be yours:

Tier VIII French Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque Medium Tank: Available for 58,000 pugs™

This French speedster has already blown through the catalog once. Luckily, more bundles have now become available, so get yours while you can.

The VIII Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque combines the qualities of a medium tank with a light tank’s mobility and sneakiness. If you like to take enemies by surprise and rapidly change flanks to support your team, this is a perfect choice. In addition to the vehicle, the MillionPugs bundle includes a 100% trained crew, the special French urban "1998 ZZ 10" 3D style, and 25 missions for ×5 XP.

Tier VIII German Rheinmetall Skorpion Tank Destroyer: Available for 60,000 pugs™

The VIII Rheinmetall Skorpion is one of the most popular vehicles in World of Tanks, and for a good reason. This infamous German tank destroyer has great mobility, a 12.8 cm stinger, and can deal a whopping 490 HP of alpha damage.

Don’t miss out on the Panzer gray version of this well-regarded fighter. The MillionPugs bundle also includes a 100% trained crew, the "Panzerskorpion" 2D style, and 25 missions for ×5 XP.

Tier VIII German Löwe Heavy Tank: Available for 73,000 pugs™

Love is in the air, and in the MillionPugs reward selection as well. The classic German VIII Löwe heavy tank is available in its Valentine’s Day-inspired "Anhalt Lion" 3D style with a 100% trained crew and 25 missions for ×5 XP.

Thanks to the vehicle's solid turret, precise gun, and strong hull armor, it is a lovely companion to lean on, even during the most heated of battles.

Tier VII German E 25 Tank Destroyer: Available for 36,000 pugs™

The VII E 25 is a legendary low-profile sharpshooter that deserves a spot in every Garage.

Get this German tank destroyer and enjoy gun handling as smooth as silk, pinpoint accuracy, a fast 65 km/h top speed, and a dangerous armament with a shattering 2,700 HP of damage per minute.

Whether you want to aid stranded allies or add force to team assaults, the E25 can do all that and more. Make it yours with the MillionPugs bundle, which includes a 100% trained crew, the “Such camo, much wow” 2D style, and 15 missions for ×5 XP.

The MillionPugs catalog is full of fantastic World of Tanks rewards. Sign up, go on a shopping spree in your favorite online stores, earn pugs™, and trade them for in-game items of your choice!

For more information about the program, please visit MillionPugs, or join their dedicated Discord channel.

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