World of Tanks Joins the MillionPugs Program!

Many people prefer online shopping. It's convenient, you can get exactly what you want, and the item is often delivered right to your front door. So why not get some World of Tanks items while shopping online? Introducing MillionPugs!

How It Works

Our Partner MillionPugs is a reward platform created by gamers, for gamers. And now it features special offers on World of Tanks in-game items that can be exchanged with "pugs™" and "credits” loyalty points earned. These points are given to online shoppers for each transaction with partner retailers. To get started, simply sign up on their site and you can continue shopping there to receive pugs™.

Sign up, sign in, and start earning pugs™ by shopping at supported sites.

You can also install special Million Pugs extension (supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) to use the benefits. More details are in the "How it Works" instructions.

When you purchase online from a partnered shop, you can earn reward points, which are called pugs™ or credits, which can be exchanged for Special World of Tanks bundles. Packages include gold, credits, 2D styles, WoT Premium Account, Premium vehicles, and more.

In a nutshell, credits are awarded quickly by MillionPugs for every transaction you complete with a partnered shop at the rate of 100 credits per transaction. The number of pugs™ depends on money spent at one of our supporting online retailers. Although you'll probably have credits to spend sooner, in all cases, credits are awarded alongside pugs™, so you'll ultimately be getting both currencies. In fact, you can get bonus pugs™ just for signing up!

For complete information on these currencies and how they work, please see the MillionPugs Knowledge Base.

A Quick at Look Some Bundles

World of Tanks has 37 MillionPugs bundle packages available that contain a variety of items and vehicles. Here's a quick look at some of them:


  • New to the game? Try our Starter Pack bundle! It includes the feisty and speedy T2 Light Tank that's armed with a 20 mm rapid-fire cannon—perfect for learning the ropes and the basics of the game. Bundle also has three Days of WoT Premium Account (gives bonuses to Combat XP, Crew XP, credits, and more), as many "Pug" decals, and more.
  • Grab rare vehicles: One of only two Premium SPGs in the game, the Sexton I is an elusive collector's item! Capable of firing AP rounds, the British vehicle also has a high ammo capacity to help keep raining shells on enemies.
  • Some situations call for a sledgehammer. In those cases, look no further than the M6A2E1. Nicknamed "the mutant," this U.S. Tier VIII heavy tank packs a 105 mm cannon and it thrives on the front line, where it can help negate incoming fire and force the enemy to change position. Bundle includes the vehicle's exclusive "Savior of Rome" 2D style.
  • Special crew: All vehicle bundles include a fully trained 100% crew and a commander with a fully developed Sixth Sense perk. A key perk, Sixth Sense triggers a warning when your vehicle is spotted by an enemy during battle.

2D Styles

Give your vehicles a unique skin with these 2D styles that are applicable to almost any vehicle. Imagine your machine with one of these looks:


These are just a few special items—please check out the complete list of World of Tanks bundles at MillionPugs; for more information on the program, please visit MillionPugs; and to discuss the program, please see the dedicated Discord channel.

Shop online and earn valuable World of Tanks rewards!

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