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Support the Cause During Military Appreciation Month


We surpassed our goal of 100,000 missions completed for Military Appreciation Month! It was a resounding success because of you, our players, helping to contribute to this great cause.

Every single day we’re humbled and honored to have such a great community. When we first thought of this program, we never thought the participation rate would be so high, but all of you stepped up in a tremendous way... and we would like to do the same. In addition to the $100,000 we’ve already pledged, your overwhelming support has inspired us to add $25,000 to that amount, for a grand total donation of $125,000 to Fisher House Foundation!

If you're still working on your charity missions, don't worry! They'll remain available until May 31.

In support of Military Appreciation Month, Wargaming America has partnered up with Fisher House Foundation, a military charity organization that provides free, temporary lodging to military and veterans’ families, allowing them to be close to their loved ones during a medical crisis and focus on what’s important -- the healing process.

How You Can Help

For every charity mission completed from 04:20 PST on May 1 through 04:20 PST on May 31, Wargaming America will donate $1 to Fisher House Foundation, up to $100,000.


MissionRestrictionsPersonal Reserve Reward(s)

Earn 100K XP in a
Tier IV-X

Earn 100,000 XP over any number of battles.

  • All battle types except Rampage
  • Tiers IV+
  • Once per account

2x100% XP Booster (1 hr. duration, no expiration)

2x 200% Crew XP Booster (1 hr. duration, no expiration)

1x50% Credit Booster (1 hr. duration, no expiration)

A Note on Personal Reserve Rewards
Personal Reserves of the same type don't stack, so there's no advantage to activating multiple boosts of the same type at the same time. If Personal Reserves of different percentages are activated at the same time, only the smaller percentage will take effect.

You can also make a direct donation via the Wargaming America Fisher House fundraising page.

Learn more about Fisher House on their website.

Completed missions for donation are only applicable to the United States and Canada. Only one mission completion per player will be counted towards donation.