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Honoring Wargaming's Military Employees: Tim McNew

Military Appreciation Month is an important month for us here at Wargaming. We want to spotlight those employees that served and celebrate them throughout the month of May. Today we're speaking with Tim McNew, an IT Specialist from our Baltimore office.

When did you join?

I joined in September, 2006.

Which branch did you join? 

The U.S Navy.

Where did you go? 

I’ve been stationed in Chicago, Norfolk and Oceana, Virginia, Jackonsville, Florida, and Oklahoma City.

What was your job/assignment? 

I was an Aviation Electronics Technician.

 Tell us about a couple of your most memorable experiences. 

Changing eight Boeing 707 generators on four different engines in one night, flying a Boeing 737 flight simulator.

Were you awarded any medals or citations?

I received the Naval Achievement Medal.

What did you do for entertainment? 

While stationed in Oklahoma at Tinker Air Force Base, I was on four different soccer teams, playing five nights a week.

What is your position now with Wargaming and do you feel that your military experience has helped you in this field? 

I am Wargaming Baltimore’s IT Specialist and my experiences in the military certainly taught me the importance of paying attention to detail, prioritizing tasks and working with people from all walks of life.

Look for Tim in-game as Thor_Fury77!