Meet & Greet: Boston, MA on July 11 and Philadelphia, PA on July 15


Since some of the Wargaming crew will be running around the North East of the United States, The Chieftain and a bunch of colleagues will be hitting up Boston, MA on Thursday, July 11, 2013 and Philadelphia, PA on Monday, July 15, 2013.

The problem is, since this is reasonably short notice, we don't have a place lined up. It's a low-profile event, so the only thing we can guarantee you is company and conversation.

We are open to suggestions. We also don't know how many of you are coming. So, we would ask of you two things.

  1. Announce, clearly and distinctly, that you plan on attending. And if you plan on bringing anyone else, and if there's going to be a lot of you, we need to make sure we can accommodate, or overflow.
  2. If you have a suggestion on a location, post it. See rules below.
  1. Be under-21 compatible. We don't want to exclude people from showing up because they don't have appropriate ID.
  2. Don't be un-Godly loud. If we're all going to sit around chatting with each other, we can't have a live rock band going on a stage over our shoulders.

Past locations have varied from brewhouses to pizza joints. The event will happen, don't panic if we haven't concluded a location in a couple of days. When we have decided on a location, the Chieftain will post in the thread and change the name of the original post.

Boston, MA Meet & Greet Thread Philadelphia, PA Meet & Greet Thread

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