May 2013 Events Preview


The month of May brings with it the first true signs of spring (at least to most of the North American region) and we wanted to share with you the first buds of our event schedule. May is National Military Appreciation Month, so do expect to see a continuation of our charity drives and other happenings, but also keep in mind that we're gearing up for our 15 year anniversary! More on that later...

If lists aren't your thing, or maybe you're just in a visual sort of mood, you can find much of the same information at the events calendar.

Tank(s) of the Month

Every month we'll pick one tank to zero-in on, give some history, a few playing tips, and a hefty boost to the credit income for the whole month! This month's bonus goes to two tanks (we just couldn't decide):

V T-34 T-34 VI T-34-85 T-34-85

Weekend Events

We know that the weekend tends to be the time when our players can really dedicate themselves to wanton destruction on our battlefields. With that in mind, we prepared a set of various discounts and bonuses every week to help our tankers make the most of their gaming time.

  • Walter Christie Weekend - May 3 - 6
  • Military Parade Weekend - May 10 - 13
  • Rapid Fire Weekend - May 17 - 20
  • Total Destruction Weekend - May 31 - Jun 3

Tech Tree Focus

There are six nations represented in World of Tanks, with many branches, and consequently, many vehicles to buy. We know that your hard-won credits only go so far, so we put together a discount highlighting a different nation and branch just about every week.

  • China - May 6 - 10
  • France - May 13 - 17
  • Germany - May 20 - 24
  • USA - May 27 - 31


Those coveted medals and awards are enticing all on their own, but we like to sweeten the pot each week with a new bonus attached to earning a particularly presitigious achievement.

  • Invader - May 6 - 10
    • 1,000 XP
  • Top Gun - May 13 - 17
    • 20,000
  • Patrol Duty - May 20 - 24
    • 25,000
  • Steel Wall - May 27 - 31
    • 7,000

On Track Events

The latest addition to make it to the rotation is our On Track series. Every two weeks we'll feature vehicles from the upper reaches of one nation's tech tree to receive a 30% discount and 30% bonus credit income! You'll have to wait until the event draws nearer before we can share any specifics.

  • U.S.S.R. - May 1 - 15
  • U.S.A. - May 15 - 29

Other Happenings

Even though we've got nearly every day of the month covered, we have several other events set to transpire this month.

  • Military Appreciation Month - May 1 - 31
    • Be on the lookout for the various ways we'll pay our respects to our veterans. Charity events abound!
  • Wargaming Tank Company - May 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31

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