March Overview: March of Nations

This month we’re celebrating the March of Nations! Every week, we’ll bring on another nation to join the fun in Tank Rewards , “Beat the Devs” challenges and discounts. Plus, get ready for more exciting tank sales in the Premium Shop!

March of Nations

In March, we recognize four of World of Tanks’ proud nations. Every Friday this month, challenge Wargaming staff’s best scores in our featured tanks. Then on Mondays, continue your trek up these nations’ trees with tier VI and VII discounts, along with more rewarding missions! Details every Thursday and Monday.

  • Week 1: USA
  • Week 2: USSR
  • Week 3: Germany
  • Week 4: UK

Tank Rewards

Prepare for more challenges and even more rewards! During March of Nations, earn Tank Rewards points when you complete nation-based missions throughout the month.

Details on March 5.

Premium Tank Sales

Some Wargaming favorites are coming back to the Premium Shop in March. Don’t miss out!

Special Occasions

Watch out for these dates for some out-of-the-ordinary specials!

  • March 13: K9 Veterans Day
  • March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

Tank Mastery

Achieve mastery* in the featured tanks and get a special “Ace Tanker” emblem.

On Track*

Enjoy discounts and missions that help you get to these incredible tier X monsters!