See What's Coming in March!

March has arrived, and we're gearing up for an exciting month. To give you a heads up, we put together this little cheat sheet for this month's happenings. And it's full of awesome events and tanks, from daily Gold-earning missions to the sale of the WZ-111 (it practically prints Credits!), so don't miss a beat! 

Details on each event will be published on the date specified.

Daily Gold-Earning Missions

Starting on March 4, you'll have access to special gold-earning missions every day. Details

On Track to the BatChat 25t

Discounts and missions will help you make your way up the French medium tank line towards one of the most popular mediums in game -- the Bat,-Châtillon 25 t. Details

Weekly Class Focus

A huge variety of rewards can be earned through our daily and weekly missions dedicated to each vehicle class.
Details: at the start of each event

WZ-111 Spotlight

The tier VIII Chinese heavy tank will be this month's feature in the Premium Shop! Plus, in every class-focused week, you'll find missions that reward you with a WZ-111 100% trained Crew. Details

FV4202 (P) in the Premium Shop

With improvements being made to the FV4202 (P) in the next update, the tier X turned tier VIII Premium tank will be available in the Shop with the release of Update 9.14. Details

K9 Veterans Day

March 13 is the day we honor all military and working dogs in the US for their service and sacrifice. We'll have fun dog-related missions and a special one-day sale of the T-34-85 Rudy, the tank with a canine Crew member! Details

March Mapness Tournament

A three-day tournament designed to bring together veteran tournament and never-before-competed tankers in an epic challenge with almost guaranteed prizing for everyone! 
Tournament begins: March 18 

On Track to the T57 Heavy Tank

Two weeks dedicated to the American heavy line leading up to the T57 Heavy Tank, with discounts and missions.