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Clan Propaganda Poster Winners Will Be Announced Soon! UPDATE

Do you remember the famous WWll propaganda posters? “Motherland is calling you!”, “I want you for US army” with Uncle Sam and “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima”. Everyone of them was designed to arise patriotic feelings in nations, to help the existing forces, or simply to make someone join the army. We do not have military forces as such, but we have clans!

UPD. Clan Propaganda Poster contest is over; its results will be announced shortly.

Important requirements and notes about creating works for the contest:

  • The main theme is “Clan Propaganda Poster”, it has to attract people in the manner "Hey, I will join this guys for sure!";
  • A poster can be dedicated to an existing or a fictional (if you are not in an organized community) clan;
  • Every user can take part in the contest;
  • Only one work per player is allowed;
  • The image should not violate the game/forum rules, or EULA.
  • The maximal resolution is 1024x768, the size should not exceed not exceed 900kb and it should be in the JPG format.

The best image will be rewarded with 6,000 gold.

The runner-up will receive 4,500 gold.

The third prize-taker will get 3,000 gold.

Post your works in this forum topic.