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Players' Guide to the M3 Light

The M3 Light Tank was the Lend-Lease version of a beloved American light tank put into Soviet service.  

Basics | Play Style | Loadout


M3 Light Tank: The Basics

  •          Fast and nimble
  •          Acceptable gun for a light tank
  •          Armor tougher than it appears

The M3 Light Tank has a standard view range of 280m, so scout tankers should equip either Coated Optics or the Binocular Telescope to maximize their spotting potential.

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Play Style

Your job is to stay intact and probe the enemy’s defenses. Traverse the battlefield and spot enemies. Use bait-and-switch tactics when appropriate to entice your opponents to overextend into the supporting fire of your teammates. 

You've got lots of shells in your locker, but choosing your loadout is important -- while standard shells can do the job, you may need Premium shells to penetrate higher tier vehicles, and a few High Explosive rounds always come in handy to reset a base capture attempt! 

Don't forget to check the minimap frequently to figure out where you'll be the most effective!

Loadout: What Equipment, Consumables, and Crew Skills Should You Use?

These are only suggestions! Feel free to see what works best for you.

Large Repair and First Aid Kits actually reduce the chance of damage or Crew injury. While you can use Extra Combat Rations instead of the Fire Extinguisher to improve your overall performance in battle, this presents a large fire risk. Keep in mind that consumables need to be replenished after each battle if used, while food or gas items are used automatically.


Increase your stealth with Improved Ventilation, and your accuracy with Enhanced Gun Laying Drive then equip either Coated Optics or a Binocular Telescope to maximize the tank's already good view range.

Crew Skills and Perks
Radio Operator


M3 Light Tank Video Guide