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Löwe price adjustment. Limited time offer! UPDATE

Dear tank commanders, having reviewed a vast amount of statistical data during the past week, we stumbled upon an unfair pricing of the beloved Löwe tank. As the results of all its battles show, the Löwe earns its proud owners more XP and more money compared to its direct competitor, the KV-5. The statistics are most likely founded upon the Löwe’s higher stopping power due to its greater shell damage and penetration ratio.

To even up the advantages of the Löwe, we have decided to raise the price tag to 12.500 gold on July 13th, 2011. Of course all players who already own this precious piece of German steel can keep it!

UPD. July 12. The new price for Löwe will come into action on July 13th after the server restart, scheduled for 11:00 AM UTC.

In order to keep it fair for players who intended to buy the Löwe within the next few days, we are announcing this information before the price tag is actually risen.