Let's Go Camping Weekend

Pack your graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows in your trusty tank destroyer, find yourself a cozy hiding spot, and blast those enemies away! This weekend, we're celebrating our stealthy snipers with discounts on regular and Premium tank destroyers, Equipment, and Camouflage to keep you well-hidden. And even your Crew members will be happy campers with discounts on barracks, a x2 Crew XP multiplier -- and a special never-before-seen conversion of Free XP to Crew XP!

Start Time: Friday, February 27, 03:30 PST (06:30 EST)
End Time: Monday, March 2, 03:00 PST (06:00 EST)

Special Event!

Crew XP Conversion
1 Free XP = 5 Crew XP

For more information on this special conversion event, check out the full details here!

Let's Go Camping Bonus and Discounts

Bonuses and Discounts

All Battles
x2 Crew XP

25% Gold Discount

Regular Tank Destroyers
Tier II - V: 50% Credit Discount
Tier VI - VII: 30% Credit Discount

Premium Tank Destroyers
Tier II - V: 50% Gold Discount
Tier VI - VII: 30% Gold Discount

25% Credit Discount

50% Gold and Credit Discount


Weekend Warrior Bundle


3 Days of Premium


FREE: 1 Day of Premium

Hunters Bundle


AT-15A + Dicker MaxFCM 36 Pak 40 + SU-85I + SU-100Y + SU-122-44

Garage Slots ( 6 )

FREE: 7 Days of Premium

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