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Labour Booklet. PR & Marketing

"Are you impatiently waiting for the developers’ part to commence?… Not yet! We are not through with the operation staff (and stuff) yet!"

A great department is described in the new blog article. PR & Marketing deal with a huge variety of work, and being professionals, they remain being very open-minded and easy-going people.

"It would be unfair not to mention these guys… If it wasn’t for them, you would never know anything about World of Tanks. Exhibitions, magazines, web-sites… the WoT infoweb has been and is spreading everywhere at the hands of our capable PR staff. And now, because of their work many people enjoy World of Tanks. How many? At present there are more than 3,000,000 players. The street cred of the project and the company is in no way an accident and is the result of this talented team."

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