Labor Day Weekend


For those times when you aren't too busy celebrating Labor Day weekend with your friends and family, we've put together a few discounts and bonuses. 

Starting at 04:30 PDT (11:30 UTC) on August 31, 2012 and lasting until 04:00 PDT on September 4, 2012 (11:00 UTC) the following bonuses will be active. Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out.

Experience bonus for first victory of the day: 5x
 50% discount on the following tanks:
  • M4A3E2
  • Chaffee
Credit income bonus: x2
  • M4A3E2
  • Chaffee
Discount on crew training and retraining:
  • 50%
Discount on Premium Account:
  • 3 days - 300 gold
  • 7 day - 600 gold
Please keep in mind that selling the discounted tanks listed above during the sale will only yield a 50% return of the sale price as credits. 

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