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J!NX and Razer Collaboration: Special Offer

These bundles have all been sold out! We apologize for any inconvenience that this my bring.

J!NX and Razer have joined forces in support of your favorite game! The outcome of this collaboration is the Limited Edition Panzer Pro Pack - a special bundle that will be available exclusively in the J!NX store. When you buy:

  • A new World of Tanks Panzer Premium T-shirt,
  • The ever-popular World of Tanks Logo Premium T-shirt, and
  • The Razer Goliathus World of Tanks Edition mouse mat + DeathAdder gaming mouse

You will also receive completely free:

  • A World of Tanks Shell USB drive,
  • A Bonus Code for 500and 3 days of Premium, and
  • A Bonus Code for the rare Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat., a German tier 5 medium Premium tank and a garage slot

Want more? How about free shipping too? That’s right – if you order the Limited Edition Panzer Pro Pack, you will have all the aforementioned goodies delivered free of charge!

North America and Europe only. Customs and duty charges not included. No substitutions. Additional restrictions may apply.

Please keep in mind that this special offer is limited to 100 bundles only, so make sure you don’t wait and risk missing out! Presales begin April 18 on the J!NX website.


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