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J!NX End of Year Gear & Bonus Code Bonanza!

Looking for that perfect gift for the beloved tank fanatic in your life? J!NX has you covered this holiday season, literally and figuratively. Check out the brand new World of Tanks merchandise now available at J!NX. Grab some garb and get Gold and other great goodies. Visit the store and read on for details!

New Gear!

Custom World of Tanks Jacket

Keep the cold away and show off your battlefield flair in this custom World of Tanks jacket. 

See Package 3 in the table below for a special offer with this jacket!

Tanker Hat

Keep your command center warm with this stylish hat.

Drinking Cup

Stay hydrated in battle with a World of Tanks drinking cup.

3 New T-Shirt Designs!


Put fashion first with these brand new World of Tanks Tees!


Bundles with Bonus Codes

Check out these sweet bundles that each come with a bonus code! Please note: these offers are limited - get yours before they’ve all been snapped up! Every package comes with a bonus code, so if you buy more than one, you will, of course, get more than one code!

By the way, the first 1,500 of these packages sold will also be given exclusive invite codes to World of Tanks. Give these to a friend and they will receive a healthy introduction to the game, including a tier II American Premium T2 Light Tank, a Garage Slot, 7 Days of Premium Account and 1,500!



Package 1

(Limited to 500)

Get 7 Days of Premium Account when you purchase either the World of Tanks Lounge Shorts or Lounge Pants

Package 2

(Limited to 500)

Bag yourself 7 Days of Premium Account and 1,000 when you buy any three World of Tanks t-shirts or hats.

Package 3

(Limited to 500)

Earn yourself the Dicker Max, tier VI German Premium tank destroyer + Garage Slot + 1,000 + 7 Days of Premium Time when you order the World of Tanks Custom Jacket.

Roll out!