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Tank Profile: Say Hello to the Japanese Type 5 Heavy

Continuining our spotlight on the upcoming Japanese heavy tank line, today we're taking a look at the tier X giant at the top of the line: The Type 5 Heavy.

Update 9.10 isn’t far off, and with it, nine new Japanese heavy tanks will soon be rolling into World of Tanks! We’ve covered the new Japanese heavy line before; but in a nutshell, they’re huge, well-armored and rock some serious firepower.

The apex of the new branch is the Type 5 Heavy, the Japanese tier X heavy tank. In the real world, this tank was designed for breakthrough attacks on enemy fortifications and coastal defense.  As a result, the Type 5 Heavy is the heaviest and most heavily-armored vehicle in the game.

Vital Statistics


We’re not joking when we say it’s the most heavily-armored vehicle in the game, as it boasts frontal armor that’s 260mm thick! Armor that thick can be compared to some battleships, and means that if the Type 5 Heavy is used properly, you can become an unassailable fortress on the battlefield!


The Type 5 Heavy features a well-balanced gun with a solid balance between high damage per shot with a good rate of fire. The gun’s high armor penetration means you’ll be able to deal damage to any heavily-armored opponents that find themselves in your sights.


Make no mistake, The Type 5 Heavy is absolutely huge and it will be nearly impossible to conceal it on the battlefield. The enormous hull has its advantages, however; the Japanese giant can easily hit the turret top of enemy vehicles at close range.

View Range

With a view range of 400 meters, the Type 5 Heavy is often the first to detect enemy movement. Use this advantage to plan out your movement and tactics well in advance.


The Japanese giant is rather spry for its weight and huge size and can briskly accelerate to its maximum speed of 25 km/h.


At the beginning of battle, carefully consider your options and the potential moves of your enemies, as the Type 5 Heavy’s slow speed means you won’t be able to change flanks during combat. Choosing the right direction to attack is crucial for victory in this tank.

Avoid open spaces to minimize the risk of being hit by enemy artillery, as artillery will be one of your biggest foes in this tank. Use indestructible cover like hills and cliffs to your advantage and protect the Type 5 Heavy from artillery fire at all costs.

Cooperate with your teammates as much as possible. The Type 5 Heavy can provide cover for lighter-armored allies while those same allies can assist you in destroying mobile enemies with smaller silhouettes that will be difficult for you to hit.

When in close combat, take advantage of the Type 5 Heavy’s size and the firing angles it provides to hit enemy weak spots.


If you prefer a deliberate playstyle that emphasizes calculated action and predicting enemy movement, the Type 5 Heavy may be the tank for you. The size of the tank presents limitations in both speed and concealability, but these are balanced by the capable gun and thick armor. Learn how to utilize the advantages of Type 5 Heavy and you’ll be a devastating force on the battlefield!