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January Events Preview

Jan Events

Tankers! Are you ready for a fun-filled month of events? We have many planned for you this month; we hope you can keep up!

For this month, we will be doing regular All Star contests. Each week, we will be holding two All Star contest a week: one for Monday – Tuesday, and one Wednesday – Thursday. They will alternate between low tier tanks (1-5) and high tier tanks (6-10). This will be a test for January; your feedback would be appreciated to see if we should continue this each month or not!

Other than the All Star contests, we will also be holding two Art/Design contests throughout the month, one from January 4 – 17, and the second one from January 19 – Feb. 1st.

During the weekends, we will have three Most Valuable Player events. The first will be on Jan 6 -8 in honor of Operation Nordwind, the second on Jan 20-22, and the third (a very special one!) on Jan. 26-30, in honor of the creation of the US Army Tanks Corps.

Finally, for one of the weekends, we will be running a Kill the Courier event, a little differently than the previous ones – stay tuned for more details on that!

All of these events are subject to change, and please, be aware that these events do NOT include patches, updates, specials, and discounts.