January Overview: What the New Year Brings!

Happy New Year, tankers! Take a gander at what January brings eventwise:

Gift Tank Missions

Unlock the L-60 and a Garage slot when you get the Level 1 prize in the Holiday Ops. Don't sell the freebie, because you could earn up to two more Garage slots in the L-60 missions!

Details: January 2

Weekly Deals

Deep discounts on in-game goodies like Premium time and Personal Reserves in our regular weekly deals.

Details: January 4

Premium Tank Sales

  • January 5: T28 with F-30
  • January 12: Turán III
  • January 19: FV4202 (P)
  • January 26: M4 Improved

Swedish Missions

Amidst the holiday excitement, we wanted to give the new Swedish vehicles the spotlight they deserve. Earn goodies along the way up the new Swedish tech tree, and you won't be disappointed! 

Details: January 10


We've got a special extra-long Tank Rewards event cooking for you in January! Stay tuned.

Details: January 11

New "On Track" Events

Get discounts and a helpful push up these tank lines with the chance to unlock a free Premium tank! 

  • January 2: TVP T 50-51
  • January 16: 113

Tank Mastery

Become an Ace Tanker in any of the tanks below during the specified time to get a special mastery emblem!

  • January 6: Spähpanzer SP 1 C, Bat Chat 25 t AP, O-Ho, T28 Prototype, T28 with F30
  • January 13: AMX 13 75, Type 5 Chi-Ri, ST-I, FV4007 Conway, Turán III
  • January 20: Type 5 Ke-Ho, Škoda T 50, T29, Grille 15, FV4202 (P)
  • January 27: MT-25, T54E1, 113, AMX AC mle. 46, M4 Improved