Incoming! Mediterranean Invasion

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It’s been several weeks since WG Fest, where we announced a new nation to join the ranks in 2018. We can’t keep it to ourselves anymore, so please welcome the Progetto M35 mod 46, the future member of the upcoming Italian line.

While some may think this is just another tank, the Progetto M35 mod 46 introduces a gameplay mechanic that gives you a unique way to approach each battle. We’re calling it an “autoreloader," a feature that will be available to higher-tier Italian medium tanks, once the nation makes its official debut.

Currently, the game offers a couple dozen tanks that carry autoloaders, and so does our newcomer, but there’s a crucial difference. It’s a tricky, unusual, and very tempting concept we’re testing that opens a new way to play. And this is the main reason we’d like to get you acquainted with the upcoming Tech Tree at this stage, so there’s enough time to gather your feedback and test the mechanic until it’s molto bene.

How it Works

We all know the basics of autoloader mechanics. You have a certain number of shells in your cylinder, and once it’s loaded, you can unleash a damaging salvo in around 10 seconds. This comes as one of the two modes available for the Progetto M35 mod 46. Let’s call it the “classic” autoloader.

There’s also, however, the “Italian” way to get things done. Right after you fire your first shell, the autoreloader instantly starts nesting a fresh one. Here’s where you have the freedom to choose whether to wait for loading to complete, or spit out your remaining rounds. If you go the classic autoloader route, every successive new shell will gradually take more and more time to load.

The Progetto M35 mod 46 will have a classic layout with a middle-mounted turret, and it very much resembles the Western school of tank building, with good mobility and gun depression countered by weaker armor. It also leans towards becoming a sniper, rather than an up-close fighter, thanks to good view range and a multipurpose loading mechanism.

Yes, it’s the autoreloader that allows you to adapt to changing combat conditions. You can either play the role of a support vehicle, or go full with a long cooldown after several seconds of rapid fire.

There are certain pros and cons with each of the options, but again, the best way of applying the autoreloader is to assess the situation and act accordingly. If there’s an enemy tank close by, and you can take it out right here, right now, don't hesitate to. Just remember that by winning in the short term, you’ll have to sacrifice your ability to shoot and wait longer than with a common autoloader-equipped machine.

If you’re keeping enemies at bay, firing as a regular tank will be a better option. This way, you will save time on reloading and have those precious extra seconds to aim more precisely. All in all, your adaptability is the key to success.

What’s Next

The autoloader has all chances of becoming a challenging, yet rewarding experience, and as the Progetto M35 mod 46 will be the pathfinder for the feature, we will be thoroughly adjusting the tank’s specs in the following weeks. We don’t know how the final set of characteristics will look, but it will surely differ from the current values.

Our main task for now will be tweaking the new mechanic and balance the gun to fit the current gameplay. We want to apply a complex approach, where the uniqueness is defined not by single parameters (such as DPM or penetration values), but a set of interconnected specs, and the ability to fire while reloading.

As this is the first testing stage, what you see are completely raw parameters that will be altered at further stages.

We’ll keep analyzing the stats and rely on your feedback, so share your thoughts on the forum and stay tuned for more news on this special vehicle. 

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