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World of Tanks Model Kits from Italeri - Bonus In-Game Tanks Included!

Are you interested in building models of the tanks you command in World of Tanks?

Do you like rare tanks and know someone who appreciates models?

Look no further than Italeri's new 1:35 scale World of Tanks model kits! We've teamed up with the popular manufacturer of scale models to produce kits based on tanks from four of the nations featured in World of Tanks. Each kit comes with a decal sheet of emblems and inscriptions based on those in the game, and codes with bonuses for existing players or great invite codes for potential newcomers!

Models are also available at Hobby Lobby stores 

Tank Model

1:35 Scale Kits

Bonus Code

Useable by you!

Three Invite Codes

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   Churchill III + Garage Slot

Type 59

30 Days of Premium Time


   105 LeFH18B2 + Garage Slot

Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger

  Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) + Garage Slot

Panther Ausf.  A.

  T-25 + Garage Slot

Leopard 1A2

30 Days of Premium Time

M4 Sherman

  Tetrarch + Garage Slot

M24 Chaffee

  T1E6 + Garage Slot