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IS-2: Brawny Brawler

The Soviet Slugger

The Berlin Quartet is here again, and the rare Soviet IS-2 is ready to rule the Premium Shop for a limited time! Bring home a piece of history -- tanks with these markings made the final push to Berlin. 

Does the IS-2 fit your profile, or should you save up for something different? Find out below!

Summary | Loadout


The Good

  • This tank deals great damage per shot (aka "alpha damage")
  • It's fast and maneuverable for a heavy tank
  • Decent armor

The Bad

  • Low accuracy and poor gun handling make snap shots less advised
  • Low penetration against higher-tier tanks

The Ugly

  • The look of fear on your enemies' faces as you engage at close range!

Reasons to Buy

  • Comes with an elite "Zero-Skill" Crew
  • Great Crew trainer for Soviet heavy tanks
  • It's surprisingly fast, and great at brawling!
  • Its powerful gun means you'll always be useful, even when low tier!

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You're not a heavy tanker (try the ISU-122S tank destroyer or the swift Cromwell B medium tank)

Play Style

  • Engage the enemy up-close! If you're high-tier, be the spearhead and dictate the flow of battle. If you're low-tier, stick with whomever is the spearhead and help them.
  • If you find something you can't penetrate frontally, don't engage it alone! You're fast enough to shoot off its tracks and go around to engage the softer side armor!


These are only suggestions! Feel free to see what works best for you.

Crew Skills & Perks

Brothers in Arms is a Perk that improves major qualifications and all Skills for the entire Crew.

All of the Berlin Quartet tanks sold here come with a Crew that is already trained in a "Zero-Skill"Brothers in Arms Perk. "Zero-Skill" means that in this case, BIA isn't considered "earned" in our usual sense. You can't re-train this Perk to a different Perk or Skill, but the XP required to train future skills doesn't increase, unlike "normal" Skills or Perks. This makes it effectively a "Free" Skill!