Introducing the “Suggestions” Forum


We're excited to announce that we have opened a new forum for the World of Tanks community: Suggestions.

We've created this forum as a means for the community to more easily communicate their feedback and ideas for improvements to World of Tanks. While we're still reading the forums at-large, we wanted to open a direct, focused channel for players to share their ideas with each other, and, on ways we can continue to shape the game moving forward.

While we can't promise all suggestions will be implemented into the game, this is your chance to participate in the ongoing development of World of Tanks. Any and all constructive feedback and ideas will be listened to, and we'll also try to respond to questions when possible.

Please keep in mind that the Suggestions forum is subject to the same forum rules found elsewhere on the World of Tanks community website. If you haven't had a chance yet, please read over the Forum Rules and Guidelines announcement.

To go along with the introduction of the Suggestions forum, we've also created our first official Feedback Request thread, focused on tank gameplay roles. We've devised a collection of roles based on the various play styles within World of Tanks, which will be used to better communicate to new players how a tank is played, and we want your feedback on them!