Improving the Quality of Our Forums

Dear Tankers,

We've heard you; we know that sometimes the World of Tanks Forum can become a less-than-ideal place to engage with members of the community. We always strive to build a constructive environment for our players, a positive place to grow where both new and seasoned individuals can participate in meaningful discussion. Quite frankly, we know we can do better to give this experience to you.

We've thought a lot about what has to be done to improve the quality of the WoT Forum and to curb the amount of negativity that has arisen over time. Starting today, we're rolling out new Community Guidelines for the World of Tanks Forum.

Our goal is to bring more transparency to our moderation policies and encourage thoughtful, meaningful, and constructive posting. We're still huge advocates to hear everything you have to say, from your favorite tanks all the way up to your favorite type of pizza topping; we want to hear all of it!

You're welcome to express your opinion, but please remember to do so in civil manner. Bashing of fellow players, members of the Wargaming staff, as well as the moderators will not be tolerated. Ever.

You may have noticed that your Warning Points have been reset to zero. With the new Community Guidelines, everyone is given a "clean slate" to turn their posting behavior around, and we encourage all of you to use this new start wisely.

In the coming weeks, we will introduce a new Community Contributor program to highlight members who go above and beyond to make the Wargaming community a better place. Stay tuned for more details.

As we mentioned earlier, this new policy begins today. Right now. This very second as you are reading this. As smoothly as we want this transition to happen, there will always be a few bumps along the way, so please bear with us as we iron out these kinks. Together, we can make the World of Tanks community an excellent place to come and play.

Be excellent to each other,

Wargaming America Community Team

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