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See How We Developed the New Physics

With the release of Update 9.14, along with the improved sounds and other exciting features, there were transformative changes to the way vehicles move around the battlefield with improved physics. 

From Tests to Release

Whenever we make changes to World of Tanks, there always needs to be a balance between realism and fun. Making some aspects of the game too realistic can take away from the flow of the battle. After testing throughout the past year, we heard player feedback, analyzed it and adjusted the physics.

Because of this important work from the players to the development team, we found that healthy balance we were looking for. We minimized the changes of usual tank movements, added new abilities and fixed some minor flaws. 

New Opportunities

Tanks can now flip right over! When ramming enemy vehicles, you can now flip them over, which eventually leads to their destruction. 

Be careful with the flipping -- keep your allies near in case you find yourself toppled over and need a hand.

If you need to make a tight turn or a quick U-turn, you can block one of your tracks by pressing the space bar and the direction keys. This is great for making quick getaways!

"Blocking" the tracks is only available to light, medium and heavy tanks.

With the latest phyiscs changes, you'll find that you don't lose nearly as much speed when you cruise over small obstacles like railways.

We have not yet finished our work on the physics system, and any feedback you may have regarding these changes will still be taken into account. Please share your experience and suggestions on the forum. Your feedback helps make World of Tanks even better!