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IGN Previews World of Tanks 7.0 and 7.1

Title recently visited the offices of IGN to provide an exclusive look at some of the content coming with updates 7.0 and 7.1. In this preview article, IGN shows off a tank using snow-themed camo -- scheduled for 7.0 -- as well as one of the new French tanks coming with update 7.1!

"World of Tanks 7.0 (and 7.1 a short while later) introduces a whole swathe of new features. Universal Camouflage is going to let players tweak the look of their tanks, and, if they're on an appropriate stage, add a slightly higher chance to remain hidden. A tank with green camouflage may, for example, be harder to detect on a level with a lot of grass or trees, while a snow-camo tank would stay stealthy on one of the colder levels."

IGN also had a chance to take a look at's upcoming project, World of Warplanes.

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