Hunt The Winners

You can only earn 1 reward (250) per battle for this mission. Killing multiple Pros in a battle only pays once.


The Second 2015 Clan Invitation Tournament is over and after a hard fought, undefeated playoff, the winners have emerged -- Clan  [OTTER]! The victors not only received cool prizes but also the chance to showcase their fine-tuned skills in battle. For two weeks, members of Clan OTTER will be given special event accounts as part of the WINNR Clan, where they'll battle in freshly painted red vehicles. If you're fortunate enough to destroy one in battle, you'll be rewarded with 250.

These guys are battle-hardeneded and the best of the best, so when you see one on the enemy team, show them no quarter!

The Hunting Begins: Sunday, April 19, 04:20 PDT / 07:20 EDT
Last Day to Hunt: Sunday, May 3, 04:20 PDT / 07:20 EDT

Hunt the Winners 

Destroy a red enemy vehicle from the designated Clan [WINNR] in battle.

Reward: 250

  • Repeatable
  • Random battles, Tank Companies & 7v7 Team Battles only

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