Hunt the Clan League Winners

Destroying multiple winners or runners-up in a single battle only pays once. However, you can destroy one winner and one runner-up in a single battle to complete both missions and earn both rewards.

The Clan League is over, and after a hard-fought playoff, the winners have emerged:  [BULBA]! The victors received cool prizes and the chance to showcase their fine-tuned skills in battle. 

Showcase? Yes, for two weeks, members of Clan [BULBA] and runners-up  [SIMP]  will be given special event accounts as part of the WINNR Clan and RUNUP Clan, where the winners will battle in freshly-painted gold vehicles and the runners-up in bright silver vehicles. If you're fortunate enough to destroy one of these gold or silver vehicles in battle, you'll be rewarded with 250.

Remember, these guys are battle-hardened and the best of the best, so when you see one on the enemy team, show them no quarter!

Starts Monday, November 30, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends Monday, December 14, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET



Hunt the Winners

Destroy at least one enemy vehicle in gold camouflage.

  • Random battles only
  • Repeatable


Hunt the Runners-Up

Destroy at least one enemy vehicle in silver camouflage.