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Hug the Devs for Real! UPDATE

There are many warriors, who already hold notable position among WoT players, and those, who started playing the game not long ago. They have spent a lot of time on conducting battles and powerleveling vehicles in World of Tanks and now all of them have cumulated lots of questions, that need to be answered. We are sure that our warriors have a dream to meet World of Tanks developers someday to share their ideas and to discuss the upcoming events personally.

Now hold on tight - the dream comes true! At this stage is glad to announce the WoT gathering in Los Angeles! Those players, who can come to Los Angeles June 10, are invited to gather in a special place, which will be announced later. All the players, who join us, will have a great chance to chat with developers in the informal setting, to take a nip and to get ultimate experience from the unforgettable chat-in! What is more, every player will be given a special gift.

UPD. The place to catch up with the developers has finally been chosen. An entertainment center ESPN Zone, which is located close to LA Convention Center, where the exhibition is held, will be ready to receive WOT-amateurs.

The gathering will take place on June 10th from 6 till 7 PM (local time) in CHAMPIONSHIP LOUNGE BAR  (you will find more pictures here) of ESPN Zone. (Address: ESPN Zone, Championship Lounge, 1011 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015)

The participants of WoT gathering will be offered light snacks and drinks and a lot of entertainment! The program will include a lot of surprises and the guests will get souvenir gifts form – World of Tanks creator. The atmosphere of the gathering and the unexpected surprises will allow all the participants to feel their uniqueness!

You can also read about our earthshaking gathering on Facebook!

One come across such unique opportunities in life too rarely to miss them so come to see WoT for real!

Welcome to the party and stay tuned for more World of Tanks!