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How to Avoid Fraud?

World of Tanks is very anxious about the security of our players' game accounts. This time the Player's Account Security section was appended with a new document, dedicated to fraudulent purchases. Although our official website and game server provide only secure financial transactions, we strongly recommend you to read the document so that to exclude any possibility of being involved into fraudulent schemes.

"Some of you can come across various websites or auctions which offer you World of Tanks Gold purchase at low prices. We warn you that such offers are fraudulent. Thus, we strongly recommend you to read the following document.

First of all, we point out that even employees buy in-game gold at the stated prices. Thus, any external offers to buy gold at 50% discount is a fraud because no one would give money of pure altruism. One can obtain Gold  when he purchases a package at World of Tanks, receives Gold from winning in a WoT event, or receive income from the provinces. In all cases in-game gold goes straight to a player's account and he/she cannot transfer it to anyone else."

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