M54 Renegade: Bag a Bandit With Up to 25% In-Game Gold Discounts


There's a hostile bandit on the loose! The VIII M54 Renegade and its sleek "Dead or Alive" 2D style are up for grabs for in-game gold until December 26. Catch it while you can!

Low on gold? Pick up awesome rewards and guaranteed 250 as a default gift with the Holiday Ops 2023 Large Boxes. Take advantage of your new-found gold and snatch up this fan-favorite Tier VIII vehicle, plus save up to 25%! Take a look at the offers below!

M54 Renegade

Available from December 21 at 21:00 PT | 23:00 CT | December 22 at 00:00 ET through December 25 at 21:00 PT | 23:00 CT | December 26 at 00:00 ET

Make sure you're quick on the draw and ready to snap up this burly outlaw. A natural brawler, the VIII M54 Renegade boasts a sharpshooting gun with 360 HP of alpha damage and good 0.36 m dispersion.This vehicle is not afraid to get its tracks dirty and charge around the battlefield at a top speed of 45 km/h. And the unique Wild West "Dead or Alive" style will make it feel right at home. Check it out!


BUNDLE Contents:


Ready for NY: M54 Renegade

  • VIII M54 Renegade   
  • 12D Style: "Dead or Alive" for the M54 Renegade
  • 1Garage slot
  • 100%trained crew with enough Crew XP for two skills or perks
  • ×25 missions for ×5 XP per victory in the M54 Renegade (only after a daily first victory multiplier has been used)



(25% off)

M54 Renegade


"Dead or Alive" 2D Style

  • 12D Style: "Dead or Alive" for the M54 Renegade

What's stopping you, Commanders? Slip into gear and go on a rampage in the M54 Renegade today!

Roll Out!

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