What's New in Holiday Ops 2023


Welcome to Holiday Ops 2023! This event is packed with activities, unique rewards, and awesome surprises. But 2023 has some key differences from 2022. We’ve outlined some of the important changes here to help you navigate the key mechanics. Let’s dive in!

Two Hosts in 2023

This year, we have two celebrities to help with the festivities. Milla has 28 missions for you to complete that reward customizations, vehicle discounts, and even Milla herself as a commander! You then have a chance to complete up to four additional missions for unearned Arnie-themed rewards from Holiday Ops 2022.

New Resources

Rock Crystal
Pure Emerald
Warm Amber
Meteoric Iron

Resources are a special event currency and come in four types: Rock Crystal, Pure Emerald, Warm Amber, and Meteoric Iron. All festive activities are based on collecting and investing these items. You can get them by doing the following:

  • Manually collecting them in your own Village up to twice a day
  • Completing Daily Missions
  • Visiting your Best Friends’ Villages once a day
  • Petting Chaffee the dog
  • Opening Large Boxes

Depending on what is most important to you, collect the following resources for their specific uses:

Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald: If getting rewards for improving the Festive Atmosphere Level is the highest priority for you, focus on upgrading decorative objects by investing these two resources.

Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron: If customization rewards and economic bonuses from the celebrities are what you want, focus on fulfilling their Assignments using these two resources.

No Small Boxes, No Big Deal—Use the Gift Terminal

Looking for Small Boxes? You won’t find them! But fear not—Holiday Ops 2023 has plenty of opportunities to earn resources and rewards. A new addition is the Gift Terminal. The Terminal dispenses additional rewards in exchange for Tokens, which you can earn by improving Festive Atmosphere Levels and completing Missions From Milla. You can also purchase Tokens with resources but only satisfying certain conditions. The Gift Terminal charges one Token for one gift and dispenses everything from Free XP to a brand-new Tier IX tank to rent or keep!

The Decorider Is Out, the Resource Converter Is In

Interactive image. From the dropdown list, select a resource you'd like to convert. Then specify how much of the selected resource you want to spend or how much of it you want to receive. The conversion rate is the same for all resources.
Resource Converter
Specify a multiple of 50 to receive a whole number of the resource you need. Values that are not multiples of 50 are automatically rounded down.
Rock Crystal
Pure Emerald
Warm Amber
Meteoric Iron
Specify a multiple of 40 to spend a whole number of the resource you want to use. Values that are not multiples of 40 are automatically rounded down.
Rock Crystal
Pure Emerald
Warm Amber
Meteoric Iron
Conversion rate: 50 to 40
Convert More

The system of smashing decorations for Shards to be used in the Decorider to create new decorations is retired. As some resources are used for certain activities, you might discover you might need more of a certain type. The Resource Converter lets you exchange one type for another at a rate of 50:40.

Reigning Cats and Dogs

In Holiday Ops 2023, two four-legged friends join the celebration to spread good cheer! Discover how to find them and how they enhance the Holiday Ops experience below.

The Redshire Cat

One of the Easter eggs from previous Holiday Ops events was finding various cats tucked away in various areas of the Garage. In 2023, however, a feline steps to the forefront. If you are fortunate enough to find the Redshire Cat inside a Large Box, you can take on its Assignments, yielding rewards such as a decal and an incredibly cute 2D style. Don't believe us? Here's a preview:

Redshire Cat 2D Style

Redshire Cat 2D Style

Chaffee the Dog

Once you reach Festive Atmosphere Level II, Chaffee will appear in your Village. But this pooch isn’t just for show! Pet Chaffee once a day to get random resources. You can also spoil the canine by buying him special items for gold, including cute collars, food bowls, and terrific toys.

No Postage Required: Visit Friends' Villages

In 2022, you could send friends Small Boxes via the Holiday Post. As those gifts were phased out, 2023 introduces a new way to stay in touch with fellow players: visit them! You can also select up to two players from your friends list as your "Best Friend" to collect extra resources when you visit their festive Village, as well as a special point once per day! These points can be exchanged for customization items, including a unique 2D style!

Away From the Game? Use the Autocollector!

Holiday Ops 2022 required you to manually visit your Garage daily to get Shards and other resources. If you're going to be away from the game for a few days during Holiday Ops 2023, you can activate the Resource Autocollector feature in advance. It allows you to automatically collect all the resources in your Village at the same time without logging in. The Resource Autocollector charges 150,000 each time it gathers resources and only does so at the end of each cooldown period. Just remember to deactivate it when you return.

Roll Out!

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